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Aerial image of the facility in Scugog

Aleafia Farms

Fully funded for 337,000 sq. ft. of growth space and a 38,000 kg annual production capacity by 2019

Aleafia operates a federally licensed 76 acre ACMPR facility in Scugog, Ont., now undergoing a fully funded 150,000 sq. ft. expansion plan. We produce standardized, pesticide-free medical cannabis for patients in need, resulting from years of commercial cultivation expertise. Our management team’s decades of experience in law enforcement, science and technology and corporate governance ensures these facilities’ safety and security.

Port Perry: Fully operational with 60,000 kg outdoor grow underway

Port Perry, a 7,000 sq. ft. highly advanced indoor hydroponic facility, resides on farmland owned by Aleafia, and will host a 30-acre, secure outdoor grow expansion which has received local regulatory approval.

Fully Automated Greenhouse Facility

In May 2018, Aleafia Farms agreed to acquire a 160,000 sq. ft. (immediately expandable to 180,000) fully automated greenhouse in Ontario’s Niagara region. Expected to close in late July 2018, this facility will be capable of producing up to seven crops per year and will be up and running sooner than originally expected.

Once complete, the Niagara greenhouse will house an automated container bench system, precision irrigation, a state-of-the-art extraction lab, and an on-site R&D facility.

Canada’s Growing Patient Base

With our strategic acquisition of Canabo, currently operating 22 clinics nationwide and rapidly expanding, our 40,000 registered patients comprise approximately a quarter of the current estimated total Canadian patient base. To satisfy their demand and the needs of additional future patients, Aleafia has begun the process of planning our first 150,000 sq. ft. phase-one expansion in Scugog, after completing a first successful harvest; a Bulk Sales license application is underway and Health Canada is expected to grant it in the near future.

With the addition of the Niagara greenhouse, Aleafia will increase its total funded capacity to over 337,000 sq. ft. and can then build the infrastructure necessary to provide best-in-class products for our patients.

Seed to Patient Model

Driven by our distinguished leadership team, Aleafia Health is advancing as the premier enterprise engaging in cutting-edge cultivation, innovation, research, and development, which will strengthen the science of medical cannabis, greatly benefiting our large and growing patient base.

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